One of the most common questions I hear in comments, the contact form, and in my daily life, is “what is stance?”.

When I say stance, I’m primarily referring to the suspension height of the vehicle and it’s camber. Camber is the offset of the wheels inwards or outwards(generally outwards cause inwards doesn’t make sense).

Most people use the word stance to refer to lowered cars, but overall, there are a lot of different factors that come into play when referring to stance.

Most cars with “awesome stance” are mere centimeters above the ground, giving the illusion that they are actually laying down on the ground. With the recent popularity of air-ride suspension, this has actually become possible as well. Some cars are modded out to include air suspension which can be adjusted via a button inside the cabin. This means that you can raise your car to a comfortable height to drive, but still drop it completely on the ground at your local car show.

One thing many people don’t take into account when checking out lowered cars is the extreme difficulty it is to drive them. Some simple daily tasks become impossible, such as visiting the grocery store, or driving through a neighborhood with lots of sharp speed bumps.

I’ve actually had a friend lose his bumper before trying to pull into a friends driveway that was slightly sloped upwards!

Hopefully this sheds some light on the term “stance” and helps to clear up some confusion.