One of my dreams is to one day import a R32 GTR from Japan. As you’re probably aware, there are a ton of restrictions on importing these JDM style cars to the USA, especially those with an added remote start system.

I’ve always been obsessed with remote start systems, and having one on my dream car is something I just can’t go without. The bigger concern of mine is actually trying to import the car into the USA.

Once you get the car into the USA, it can be seized by customs and held indefinitely for not meeting “safe” regulations here in the USA.

There’s a bunch of different modifications and paperwork that needs to be completed before being able to legally import an R32, and the fees for following through with this process can get quite expensive.

Still, importing an R32 is something that’s been on my bucket list ever since I was young. There’s nothing quite like the body style, aesthetic, and handling of an R32.

One of the main websites I’ve been looking at using to import the car is Right Drive. They generally sell these cars for around $10,000. Not cheap, but not as steep as a new car either.

What I soon learned in my research process, is the fact that most of these online services charge an arm and a leg for shipping. Most quotes I got added an additional $2000-5000 for shipping, which is almost half the price of the car in the first place.

On top of that many JDM buyers websites don’t follow proper processes for shipping these cars into the USA, leading to the cars often being impounded. I’ve recently found a couple of credible sources that I’m interested in trying.

These websites promise that they can modify the car to meet USA regulation, but end up charging an additional $5,000 or so for these mods.

My plan right now is to continue saving up enough money until I can do things right. I know that you generally get what you pay for, so in my mind there’s no point buying a cheap R32 just to have it impounded due to improper paperwork.

Another tragic scenario would be importing the car, getting all of the paperwork right, and then realizing that there’s some sort of horrible damage to the frame or engine of the car.

Thinking about these two scenarios gives me the patience and helps me see the bigger picture.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect R32 with an auto start system, and will keep you guys updated. Hopefully I can bring one home within the next couple of years!